Laser Insect Monitoring and Eradication

The Photonic Fence is poised to revolutionize response to and monitoring of harmful insect incursions in agriculture, hospitality, government, military and residential pest control markets.

The Photonic Fence monitors insects in flight and eliminates those identified as targets by shooting them down with a micro-burst of laser energy. The Photonic Fence also holds the potential to create entirely new methods of entomological study.

"... the human war on mosquitoes is high-tech, high-concept, and without pity. So why not use anti-missile laser technology against them too?"
New York Magazine

How It Works

Even in its most basic configuration, the Photonic Fence can eliminate more than 80 insects per second while tracking hundreds more. Other configurations and future developments are expected to dramatically increase this potential.

The Photonic Fence has been tested to be effective against many varieties of mosquitos and other insects, such as the Asian citrus psyllid, sand flies, and drosophila suzukii. We are currently undergoing field testing on a farm site in Florida.

"The Photonic Fence is a new way to control the mosquito population without affecting the local ecology such as butterflies and bumblebees."
Digital Trends


Photonic Fence is poised to revolutionize response to and monitoring of harmful insect incursions in agriculture, hospitality, government, military and residential pest control markets.

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The Team

The Photonic Fence team is an interdisciplinary group of different backgrounds and expertise, dedicated to the cause of pesticide-free vector control to reduce insect-borne disease and destruction.


At Photonic Sentry we’re working to revolutionize the world’s approach to insect control – protecting humans, animals and plants from harmful flying pests that transmit disease and destroy crops. We are building a device we call the Photonic Fence – designed to track insects in flight, identify whether they’re harmful or benign and disable the harmful ones by shooting them down with lasers. Originally developed at Intellectual Ventures Lab, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates-backed Global Good Fund, Photonic Sentry was established to commercialize this technology.

We’re looking for a few motivated, resourceful and experienced people to add to our burgeoning team. Key to your success at Photonic Sentry will be the ability to operate within a flexible, fast-paced development program and an unstoppable drive to make the world a better place. Open positions are listed below. If you don’t see an obvious fit but are convinced that you need to help us rid the world of insidious pests, send in your resume! We’re always interested in making contact with talented and experienced people; even if you're not looking for work right now, it's good to stay in touch. To apply, simply send your resume to us here.

Senior Computer Vision Software Engineer

Computer Vision Software Engineer

Our Partners

Funding for Photonic Fence development has been provided by Intellectual Ventures’ Global Good Fund. We work out of the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory in Bellevue, WA.

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